Artistic Limitations

The idea behind this post has been bouncing around in my head for quite some time, but it's been difficult for me to put into words. It started years ago when I was talking with someone and they said something along the lines of "limitations are what make art great." That stuck with me and … Continue reading Artistic Limitations

Genre vs. Literary Fiction

I took a large number of literature and creative writing classes in college, and one of the problems that I often ran into was that I was a genre writer/reader, while all of my professors were literary writers/readers. I was never directly criticized for preferring genre fiction, but I also felt like those professors didn't … Continue reading Genre vs. Literary Fiction

The Purpose of Alien Sci-Fi

I have a theory about science fiction that focuses on man's interactions with aliens. My thought is that every one of them starts with the basic question: 'If humans aren't the smartest creature, what makes us unique?' In general, we ascribe certain characteristics to all the animals we encounter. Most quadrupeds (dogs, cats, horses, etc.) … Continue reading The Purpose of Alien Sci-Fi

The 5 Best and Worst Episodes of Doctor Who (post 2005)

With the 13th Doctor about to make her full episode debut, I thought I'd go back over the most recent run of the show and look at the best and worst episodes. I haven't really watched much pre-2005 Doctor Who, which is why I'm limiting it to the 9th doctor and on. Anyway, these are … Continue reading The 5 Best and Worst Episodes of Doctor Who (post 2005)

What Does Last Jedi Tell Us about Episode IX?

Despite all the controversy and differing reviews regarding The Last Jedi, I liked the movie and thought it gave some great insight into where the franchise is going. I like some of the changes; I'm not as fond of others. Fair warning, there will be a lot of spoilers in this post, so if you … Continue reading What Does Last Jedi Tell Us about Episode IX?