More Acrobat Scripts

It's been a while since I've done any posts about scripting. I recently updated a bunch of the scripts I use at work, so I thought I'd share a few of them. You can see my previous post about Acrobat scripts here. Hide Calculated Zeros Acrobat's auto-calculation is really handy, but the total fields display … Continue reading More Acrobat Scripts

Another Set of InDesign Scripts

I like posting about these every once in a while. It reminds me of some things I've worked on and ways I've made my work easier. If you haven't seen them, my other posts on InDesign scripts are here and here. Check Swatch Types I work mostly in print, so I need my swatches to … Continue reading Another Set of InDesign Scripts

More InDesign Scripts I’ve Found to Be Useful

A while ago I wrote a post about some of the InDesign scripts that I've found useful. Today I have two more to share. Base Paragraph Styles on Basic Paragraph: This script goes through every paragraph style and changes the basedOn attribute from [No Paragraph Style] to [Basic Paragraph]. If the style is already based … Continue reading More InDesign Scripts I’ve Found to Be Useful

InDesign Scripts I’ve Found to Be Useful

I use InDesign a lot for my work. One of my responsibilities is to clean up InDesign files that have been created by someone else. In doing so, I've realized that while many graphic designers can do amazing things with Photoshop and Illustrator, they're not as comfortable using the features that InDesign has. This leads … Continue reading InDesign Scripts I’ve Found to Be Useful