Quick Thoughts on Captain Marvel

I wasn't really excited about Captain Marvel. While I liked the idea of bringing her into the MCU, I didn't really know or care much about the character. I'm also not a fan of Samuel L. Jackson, so knowing that he would play a big part in the movie didn't help my motivation to go … Continue reading Quick Thoughts on Captain Marvel


Guide to Science Fiction: How to Find New Books

Science fiction has been my go-to genre for about two decades now. For a number of years, it was the only genre of books that I read. This is part of an ongoing series on my personal guide for science fiction staples. This list is focused on what to do if you've read some sci-fi … Continue reading Guide to Science Fiction: How to Find New Books

Comic Book Movie Rewatch: Planet Hulk

I'm still going through movies adapted from comic books, though I'm starting to run a little low on available titles. This post is about the 2010 animated movie Planet Hulk. Planet Hulk IMDb Rating: 6.8/10 Rotten Tomatoes critics: N/A Rotten Tomatoes audience: 55% My Rating: 7/10 Though I haven't watched many of them, this was … Continue reading Comic Book Movie Rewatch: Planet Hulk