Comic Book Movie Rewatch: Wonder Woman

I’m still going through movies adapted from comic books, though I’m starting to run a little low on available titles. This post is about the 2009 animated movie Wonder Woman.

wonder_womanWonder Woman

IMDb Rating: 7.4/10

Rotten Tomatoes critics: 89%

Rotten Tomatoes audience: 78%

My Rating: 6/10

Wonder Woman is not a character I’m very familiar with. Everything I know about the character comes from the recent films and not from the comics, so I can’t really compare this movie to the source material. However, I tend to trust the DC animated universe to be pretty good about adapting their stories.

Unlike the live action version made in 2017, this story is set in the present day, which I think may have hurt the movie. Themyscira is portrayed as a island paradise, but is still technologically ancient. Despite relying on bows, spears, and swords, none of the Amazons were startled by Steve Trevor’s fighter jet, they aren’t concerned about guns or missiles, and communication technologies like cell phones and computers are ignored. At the same time, they happen to have an invisible jet (I got the sense that they used Steve Trevor’s jet to create the invisible one, but it’s never mentioned exactly where it came from).

The characters are okay, but none of them are particularly well developed. One of the biggest issues I had was with Wonder Woman herself. When she’s out in the world and Steve Trevor is flirting with her, she brushes him off, and eventually lashes out at him, saying that everything bad she’s ever heard about men is true. Trevor strikes back and chastises her for basing her entire perception of mankind off of a single individual that she’s only known for a few days. It’s a solid exchange, and it’s obvious that the intent was to show that Diana needed to have a broader perspective. The problem I had was that Wonder Woman came off as being more of a misandrist than a feminist before that conversation happened. Even after the conversation, her attitude leans more towards misandry, so the intent of developing her character fell a little flat.

The story of the movie is pretty good. There were some timeline issues, and the pacing was a little uneven, but the narrative was solid. The story is very similar to the live action movie, but not quite as well executed. Overall, I didn’t find this movie to be as good as most of the DC animated universe. It wasn’t bad, but it didn’t meet my expectations.


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