Best Comedy Sci-Fi Movies

I love watching sc-fi movies, but I’ve found that most lists of the best sci-fi movies span the entire genre. That means dramatic movies like Her are placed next to horror films like The Thing. Sure, it shows the large variety that’s possible in sci-fi, but it doesn’t always help me find the kind of movie I want to watch at that moment.

So I’ve decided to list my favorite movies in a few sub-genres (drama, horror, comedy, and action). This list is not meant to be comprehensive. I have my own taste in movies and these are the films that I think are the best examples of the sub-genre. I’d love recommendations, so if you have a movie that you think should have been on my list, let me know.

This list focuses on comedic movies, in no particular order. These are the films that I think are comedies first, but use science fiction elements to highlight the humor. The sci-fi part of the movie may be small, but all of these films have some sort of science fiction element.

Back to the Future

BttFProbably the best made sci-fi comedy of all time. The writing is fantastic, the acting is brilliant, the music is catchy, and it’s just so quotable.

Galaxy Quest

GalaxyQuestOne of the best parody movies in recent history. While it’s an obvious send up of Star Trek, the movie is so enjoyable and accessible that even those who have never seen Star Trek find themselves laughing.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

HHGttGThis one may be a bit controversial, but I thought it was a brilliant adaptation of the novel. Unlike Galaxy Quest, this movie is much funnier if you know the source material, and is outright hilarious if you’ve taken the time to listen to the old radio show and watch the 1981 television series.

Groundhog Day

GroundhogDayIt may be a bit of a stretch to call this movie science fiction, but I’m going to consider a time loop to be sci-fi. Groundhog Day isn’t just one of the best sci-fi comedies, it’s one of the best comedy movies, period.

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

BillAndTedMy personal favorite movie on this list. It has a little bit of everything. Rock & roll, action, Genghis Khan riding a skateboard while wielding a baseball bat, romance, time travel, teenage shenanigans, George Carlin, and wraps it all up in a bunch of super dated 80s slang.

The World’s End

WorldsEndThe entire Cornetto trilogy is hilarious. The World’s End may be the weakest movie of the three, but it’s about Simon Pegg and Nick Frost doing a pub crawl in the midst of an alien invasion. The premise alone is enough to put it on the list.

Mars Attacks

MarsAttacksAn all-star cast, directed by Tim Burton, spoofing 50s era sci-fi movies. What more needs to be said?


SpaceballsWhat list of sci-fi comedies would be complete without this Mel Brooks classic? This may be my least favorite movie on here, and there are some parts of the film that I just don’t like at all, but it’s Mel Brooks spoofing Star Wars. That’s always going to be funny.

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