I Recently Finished Reading: Saint Odd

Saint-OddSpoiler warning: This is about the last book in the series, so I’m going to go into some details, not just about the plot of this book, but of others in the series as well. I’m also going to give my thoughts on the ending.

I was really looking forward to reading this. I’ve greatly enjoyed the series and was ready to see how the story ended. Like many of the other books, the beginning jumped right into the story with very little explanation as to what Odd had been doing since the last story. This one was a little more confusing than some of the previous books, and for a minute or two I thought I may have missed something, but I was quickly up to speed and enjoying the book.

Saint Odd finally brings brings the story back to Pico Mundo. It reunites him with Chief Porter and Ozzie Boone, though several of the other side characters from the first couple of books are missing. Bringing Odd back to his home town makes sense. It was often stated throughout the series that he wanted to go back, and bringing him home was a great way to conclude the series. The only issue I had was why the villains in the book, the cultists, decided to attack Pico Mundo. The thought that they simply did it because Odd ruined their ritual in the previous book seems a little hollow. I really felt like there should have been a better reason to target Pico Mundo than revenge.

That leads me to the only other problem that I had with the book. It leaves too many questions unanswered. I almost (but not quite) felt like Saint Odd was the last season of Lost. There were so many interesting plot points, characters, and events in the first 7 books that left me with questions. Unfortunately, after finishing the series, I was till left with most of them. I wanted to know more about Edie’s organization, and what does ‘fully smooth and blue’ actually mean? Sure, there was the blue light Odd sees at the end of the book, but that didn’t give any insight into what it meant. I don’t think Anna Maria was explained well at all, especially since her single scene in the book felt like it was added just to explain what she was (and then didn’t give any real insight into her reason for being in the series). What about the Bodachs or the dark realm that Odd visited in several of the books? And I could probably come up with a few more if I took the time. That was the biggest problem I had with the book. I finished it feeling unsatisfied.

Even though I thought there was some missing information, I liked the way the series ended. Odd needed to end up with Stormy. The fact that there were no romantic plotlines throughout the series made it inevitable that Odd would die and join Stormy in Service. While I was reading the series, I always felt like Odd was, overall, a happy character, but that happiness was clouded by the loss of Stormy. At the end of Saint Odd, when he is reunited with his love, I felt that melancholy leave and for the first time since book one, thought that Odd was fully happy. It was a great way to end his story.

Even though I didn’t feel like it cleaned up as neatly as it could have, I highly recommend the series. It was entertaining, funny, suspenseful, and unique. The characters were fantastic. The world is interesting and engaging. The stories are mostly tight and well told. This was a series that I would read again.


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