Quick Thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

guardians2I’m still trying to figure out what I thought of the movie. Some things really worked, others really didn’t. It’s good, one of the better sequels in the MCU, but I don’t think it improved on the first one.

There were some things that the movie did surprisingly well. I was not thrilled to see that Ego was one of the primary characters. I’ve never really liked him, but I thought the movie handled it really well. I actually liked the direction they took the character and how they incorporated him into the story. I also really liked how the movie fleshed out Yondu’s character and backstory, especially his connection and history with the Ravagers. Nebula was another solid addition. Not only was her character given a richer backstory, but her role helped to better define some of the other characters as well.

There were also some things that I expected to work that didn’t. I thought the humor was really forced at times. The first movie was fantastic at balancing the action with humor. This one didn’t do that as well. It almost felt like they were trying to make a comedy first with the action taking the backseat. It’s still a funny movie, but the subtle jokes worked better than the blatant ones. I thought that Drax was the worst at this. In the first movie he’s hilarious because he doesn’t understand that he’s the joke, while in this one the character is trying to better understand humor, so he tries too hard.

Overall, Guardians 2 is a solid entry in the MCU, and a lot of fun, but it felt a bit like a stand-alone film. I don’t see how it connects to the wider universe, and it didn’t seem to add to the overarching story that the MCU has created.


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