I Recently Finished Reading: Deeply Odd

deeply-oddI feel like this book was a turning point in the series. The last couple of books had moved away from the fantasy side of the story. They also reduced the role of Odd’s powers and focused more on his wits to get him through the situation. Deeply Odd goes back to the story’s roots. Odd’s powers once again play a prominent role in the story. He relies on them heavily for much of the story. There are no real science fiction elements either. It was a great change of pace from the previous books, and brought back the sense that the series is building towards something big.

Right from the beginning, the book caught me. It was the most action filled opening since the first book, but unlike that story, there was no break. The opening scene here tied directly into the story and things just kept happening. It felt a little similar to the second book, Forever Odd, in that the story is one long chase. Odd is relentlessly pursuing someone in the hopes of saving the innocent. The main difference is that in this book Odd has help. Edie was an interesting character. There were times when I felt like she had a sinister side that Odd would discover, at other times I thought she was he perfect ally. Right up to the climactic scene, I didn’t quite know which one would be right. I fully expect her to take part in the concluding novel, and I’m interested to see what role she plays.

There were also a lot of changes to the world in this book. In the last book or two he saw and experiences world changing events, but they’ve always felt outside of his story. Odd learns more about how his abilities relate to the nature of his world here than in any other book. That was a very welcome development. I wound up with more questions about his abilities than I’ve had before, but at least there was a change.

Provided I don’t go through the graphic novels or short stories, I now have only one book left in the series. I’m excited to see how it ends, but I’ve enjoyed the series enough that I’ll be a little sad to finish it off.



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