Quick Thoughts on Logan

loganI’ll start by saying that this was by far the best Wolverine movie. The story, the acting, the music, everything was on a completely different level. The movie also tried to stay much closer to the character as he’s portrayed in the comics, which is a huge deviation from the previous Wolverine films. All that made the movie a very different experience.

What stood out to me the most in Logan, right from the opening scene, was that it is absolutely brutal. Not just because of the physical violence either. There is a lot of emotional brutality. Violence is done by and against children. Characters that have been developed over years of movies are shown in very vulnerable states, and there is very little hope. Not only that, but unlike many of the previous films in the X-Men universe, this movie shows innocent non-mutants being actively harmed because of the good guys.

All that brutality raises the tension in the movie, and there’s very little release. That makes the climactic battle very intense. This was not a relaxing, fun movie. This was an emotional drama. There are a few moments of humor, but they’re timed very well so that they don’t interfere with the serious tone of the film.

Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart have both said that they’re done portraying Wolverine and Charles Xavier, and this movie was a fantastic sendoff. I didn’t go into the movie with very many expectations, but Logan still wasn’t quite what I thought it would be. It was just so different from anything else done in the X-Men universe, but it was a good different.


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