I Recently Finished Reading: Forever Odd


This is going to be a pretty short review. I’m just not quite sure what to say. I didn’t really like this book as much as the first one. It was still very well written and engaging, but it felt a little too linear. The first book was a bit of a mystery, where Odd had to really move and explore to learn what was happening. In this book, however, Odd is just following a trail throughout the book. He moves in a straight line from beginning to end, with very little deviation from his path. It made the story much more simple and straightforward, but that took some of the fun out of the book.

While I don’t think they story was quite as good, there was a lot of character development in this book that I’m hoping will really pay off as the series continues. Not only were a few more characters were introduced, but the book also brought in few more glimpses of the wider world and how that world affects Odd.

The ending was a little strange. The main plot was resolved, but it left as many questions as answers, and Odd puts himself in a precarious situation that will make the next book interesting. I don’t know how soon I’ll be getting to the third book, but I look forward to reading it.


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