I Recently Finished Reading: Warbound

WarboundI’ve been putting off writing this because I’m not really sure how to approach it. This may be one of my shorter reviews because I don’t really want to have any spoilers, but I also think it would be a little hard to really get all my thoughts out without giving away too much.

Anyway, the concluding novel to the Grim Noir series is just as good as the previous two installments. The characters continue to grow and adapt. Some of them change significantly because of the events that take place, others hardly change at all, but either way, it feels natural. That’s one of the things I’ve been most impressed with in Correia’s writing, his character development is fantastic. It doesn’t just happen on the page, but it also happens between books.

The plot was pretty direct, with a few twists and turns that kept things from getting predictable. The settings were varied and interesting, and the battle scenes were intense, but easy to follow. All told, that makes it a very easy book to read, without it being too simple.

The conclusion was a little disappointing, but I’m not sure why. It made sense within the story, it wrapped up most, if not all of the major plot lines while still leaving room for additional stories within the universe. Everything seemed to fit, but when I finished the book, it felt like something was lacking.

The series is excellent, and the concluding book is a big part of that. I’m glad I read it and will be adding Correia’s other books to my reading list soon.


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