I Recently Finished Reading: Inkheart

InkheartThis is a great book for people who love to read. The premise of the story, that it’s possible to read out loud well enough to bring characters from the world of the book into our world, is something that I think every devoted reader wishes could be true.

The characters are all entertaining and engaging, but they’re also a little flat. Every character, except, maybe, for Meggie, has an obsession that becomes the only defining aspect of that character. Dustfinger can only think of getting the book. Mo is fixated on the same thing, though Meggie is also a priority. Capricorn’s only goal is to get a reader, etc. While it’s nice to have characters with well defined motivations, it would have been better if they had a little more depth. The only really disappointing character was Capricorn. Many of the characters spoke of how evil and violent he was, but overall, the worst thing he did in the story was order some books to be burned. I just didn’t find him to be as disturbing or menacing as some of his underlings

The setting is wonderful. The descriptions of the villages and cities are brief, but colorful. The pace of the book is great. The slow parts develop the characters and give a lot of background and context information, while the action scenes are clear and uncluttered. The plot is also very good. It’s pretty straightforward, but isn’t predictable. It wraps up the story pretty neatly, so I’m intrigued by the second book and look forward to seeing what happens next.


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