Quick Thoughts on The Force Awakens (spoiler free)

My wife was super excited about this movie. She’s been waiting for months, and her expectations were really high. After we left the theater, she was still excited because the movie met or exceeded all her high expectations.

I was a little more reserved. I remember being super excited and hyped up for Episode I, then I got Episode I. I didn’t want that to happen again. I’ve been avoiding reviews and trailers for the movie as much as possible, because I wanted to go into the movie with little to no expectations. Obviously, I couldn’t avoid everything, but I tried.

I didn’t have a lot of hope in the movie at first. I was skeptical of J.J. Abrams. The Star Trek movies were good, but they weren’t Star Trek, so I was worried that he’d corrupt the Star Wars canon the way he did with that franchise. Later I learned that Abrams had never been a Star Trek fan growing up, but loved the Star Wars movies. That gave me a little hope.I was also worried about George Lucas’s involvement. Then I learned that he wasn’t involved at all. That gave me hope. Finally, not long before the actual release, I learned that Abrams was going to use as many practical effects as possible and avoid CGI wherever he could. That gave me hope.

So last night I saw the movie. I had hope, but I wasn’t sure how much. When it was over, it was good, really good. The story, acting, music, effects, all of it was very well done. But, most importantly, it felt like a Star Wars movie. The prequels never had that. They were set in the universe, but didn’t have the same feel. This one did. That’s the part that made me like the movie more than anything.

I won’t compare it to the other movies in the series because this one’s been out for a day, while those have years, so I’ll reserve my ultimate judgement until I the sequel trilogy is completed. This was a movie that will take some time to find its place in the universe, fortunately, I already know it belongs.


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