Stranded on a Desert Island

So a blog I follow recently posed the question: If you’re stranded on a desert island and could have one book, one movie, one TV box set, and could only listen to one band, what would you take with you? The comments section was interesting, and had a lot of variety in the responses. There was also a good amount of cheating. I figured I’d share my list (both legitimate and cheating). Feel free to leave me your list in the comments.

If I’m Following the Rules:

Here’s my list if I’m keeping with the actual guidelines. I’m stuck with a single volume book, a TV box set I could find on Amazon today, and a single movie, no series or anything.

Book: The Complete Hitchhiker’s Guide

There are a lot of fantastic books that I considered, but if I’m sticking with the actual rules and only get a single volume, then this is the one I’m taking. It’s very entertaining and would probably get funnier the more loopy I become. I also figure that being stuck on an island would get pretty depressing after a while and having something humorous would be essential.

TV Box Set: Stargate SG-1

I picked this one for two reasons. 1) It’s one of my all time favorite TV series. 2) It’s ten seasons long and that’s a good amount of variety. The show is a little dated now, but the effects are still solid. The stories are interesting, and the characters are great. There’s also a nice balance in tone, so while some of the episodes are very serious, others are funny, and some are just action and adventure. I figure that would be a nice way to mix things up.

Movie: Serenity

I thought about putting a really long movie like The Ten Commandments, The Sound of Music, or 2001: A Space Odyssey, but while those are all excellent movies, I’m not sure I could watch them over and over. Serenity may not be as good as any of those movies from a technical standpoint, but I find it much more entertaining and re-watchable. Like my TV choice, this movie has a nice balance between action, comedy, and drama. I’m sure I’d get bored with it eventually, but it would probably take longer than a lot of other movies.

Music: Rachmaninoff

I don’t actually listen to much music, so this one was tough. I’ve loved Rachmaninoff for years, and at one point had about 4 CDs of his that all had the same 3 or 4 songs, just played by different people. I also picked Rachmaninoff because he has a bit more substance than pretty much everything else on my list. If I need something to really focus on and think about, classical music is what I’d go for.

If I’m Bending the Rules:

Here’s how my list would change if I decide I want to really stretch the rules and bring more than is allowed.

Book: The Lord of the Rings (including the Hobbit, Silmarillion, and Indices)

Tolkien built such a huge world that these books would last me a long time. There is so much content here, and an excellent story as well. There are enough real people who spend decades studying Middle Earth that I don’t think it would be a stretch for me to spend hours on my island doing the same.

TV Series: Masterpiece Theatre

This is really cheating since Masterpiece Theatre gets its content from other networks, but since it’s still a single series, I’m going for it. It’s been on the air for 40+ years and has aired everything from Shakespeare to Sherlock. This would be my big variety pick. They’ve shown comedies like Jeeves and Wooster, dramas like Downton Abbey, and thrillers like the original House of Cards. This single series would be like having a small Netflix library with me. It would take years to get through everything.

Movies: Star Wars

Every episode. I know that the prequels aren’t great, but they’d be good for a bad movie night. Everything else I have in my cheater’s list is kind of dense, so some mindless entertainment would be nice on occasion. Plus, since Disney is making even more movies, I can claim those as well (maybe by saying that they wash ashore every couple of years).

Music: Rachmaninoff

I’m sticking with my original pick here.


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