I’m Back

I haven’t written anything for a while, but I have a good reason. About two weeks ago my wife gave birth to our second child. We had initially gone to the hospital early in the morning for an checkup and discovered a minor complication. In and of itself, the complication wasn’t dangerous, or even unexpected (my wife had the same complication with our first child). We just discovered it early and the only treatment is giving birth, so the midwives recommended inducing the baby to avoid much more dangerous complications later. This was still about two weeks before the due date, so we were a little unprepared, but agreed on an induction. Everything went well and mother and baby are both fine.

I’m now back at work and my wife is learning how to navigate staying at home with two children instead of just one. I may not have quite as much time to write as I did previously, but I will be posting a bit more regularly than I have the last few weeks.


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